About Us

The Rose Namayanja Foundation


Facilitating the empowerment of young people

Despite the affirmative action policies in Uganda aimed at including women in democratic processes, there have been lesser and lesser meaningful engagement in key decision making by the day. Women especially the young lack the technical skills, information, exposure and dedicated mentors to become effective leaders.
Government has set policies to ensure inclusion however, due to political inequality and rigid societal norms, a woman’s role is still considered secondary to that of a man hence the inequality. Also, majority of the women in Uganda are economically dependent on men making it close to impossible to ensure their independence, they are viewed as subjects rather than partners.

Our Rationale

We support young women and men by skilling them in education, leadership, entrepreneurship, life skills/healthy living and create platforms for engagement in governance and democratic processes of the country. We practice the “leave no one behind” SDG principle, that’s why we ensure engagement of young men too if truly sustainable development of young women is to happen. Hence, they are under the respective programs;